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Fuel, DEF and Lubricants

When the going gets tough, the tough go further. 


April 1, 2020

Click for details by viewing or downloading the PDF file from Doug Beintema, AGRIS Energy Manager.


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  • Cottam Bulk ENERGY (800) 363-3058 
  • Stoney Point Bulk ENERGY (800) 363-3058
  • Thamesville Bulk ENERGY (800) 363-3385
  • ENERGY Manager - Doug Beintema  (519) 365-7587
  • ENERGY Sales - Mike Dotterman (519) 818-7586

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Off-road or on-road, AGRIS Co-operative is constantly striving to bring you the products and services you need to take your business further. We understand that industry conditions are always changing and our AGRIS energy specialists are here to help you meet those challenges every step of the way.

Maximizing returns on your energy dollars is how we help take your business just a little further.


Product Spotlight

DIESELEX Gold Logo w Black Tagline April 2019.jpg

Dieselex Gold

Since 1952, Dieselex® Gold has been improving diesel fuel performance. By optimizing eight unique chemistries in combination with #2 diesel fuel, Dieselex Gold has earned a reputation for restoring lost horsepower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today’s sophisticated fuel systems.

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It takes a lot of different greases and lubricants to keep today's equipment up and running. The key to doing it efficiently and cost-effectively is matching the best products for the equipment and the application. That's why our FS Energy Specialists conduct an on-site assessment to make sure you get just the right products to deliver optimum performance and efficiency of your tractors, trucks, and other equipment.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
It takes more than fuel and engine oil to keep today’s machinery operating at its best. That’s why we offer a wide range of other products including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), anti-freeze/coolants, grease and a wide range of lubricants. Not only can your local energy specialists recommend the best products for your needs, they can also recommend the most efficient way to handle and store them.

AGRIS Co-operative provides fuel to farmers across southwestern Ontario. AGRIS is a leading supplier of refined and renewable fuels to a wide range of accounts including farmers, truckers, construction companies, municipalities, fleet managers and more. Sales of Dieselex® Gold, the premium diesel fuel with origins back to 1952, are growing rapidly as users experience the benefits of using the latest in fuel-additive chemistry. In fact, it was one of the first fuels to be recognized in the Top Tier Diesel Fuel program.

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