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Every grower, every farm, and every field is different.

No one knows more about crop growth and development – and how to optimize yield – than AGRIS Co-operative. With MiField™, the AGRIS Co-operative Agronomy team helps farmers drive toward optimal profitability. MiField by AGRIS is focused on working with growers to assist them in better understanding their cropping practices and to deliver knowledge and data with recommendations that help them be more profitable, per acre, on their field.

Visit our MiField Technology Site

Located at Highway 40 (Communication Road) and Maynard Line, just southeast of Chatham, Ontario. 

Give your local AGRIS Crop Specialist a call and meet them at the technology site. Always remember to practice physical distancing (2 metres or 6 feet apart).


Does using an inoculant pay? Amanda Craven discusses the benefits.

Amanda Craven is the Crop Sales Specialist at AGRIS Co-op in Tupperville. Amanda discusses inoculant use in soybeans and the benefits and value it brings to your soybean portfolio.

July 24, 2020 | Scott Vandehogen - Seed Manager

"WOW, what a difference one month makes", says Scott Vandehogen, seed manager for AGRIS and Wanstead Co-ops. Scott explains about our dashboard. He also updates us on how the soybeans are looking.

June 24, 2020 | Scott Vandehogen, Seed Manager

Scott Vandehogen, Seed Manager for AGRIS Co-op. Scott explains the different technologies used in the MiField Technology Site. In this video Scott says we're presenting looking forward to show you five different sudden death syndrome (SDS) seed treatments, insecticides, fungicides, three different inoculants, foliar nutrient mixes with manganese and zinc, sulphur applied pre-emerge, etc. Lots to see here. 24-days since planted.


Technology partner at the site: Bayer Crop Science with Bill Lester

Bill Lester who is the territory sales manager with Bayer Crop Science discusses the benefits of Stratego Pro and Proline fungicides. Bill also talks about a new insecticide seed treatment for under ground pests coming soon.

July 24, 2020 | Scott Vandehogen, Seed Manager

Scott demonstrates, again, how much one month makes. Scott talks about AGRIS' dashboard that has growth stages, precipitation, history, fields, Crop Heat Units, Spraycast, etc. to help our growers manage their operation using advanced digital technology.

Call your local AGRIS Crop Sales Specialist for a private tour at MiField Technology Site today.

June 24, 2020 | Scott Vandehogen, Seed Manager

AGRIS MiField Technology Site. June 24, 2020, Scott Vandehogen, Seed Manager. Technology used includes DecisionFarm data used for growth stages, GDD, moisture, field maps, maturity and crop growth stages, etc. In the corn area we have 16 trials. The first three is a Bayer showcase area where fungicide will be sprayed. We'll also look at seed treatments, nitrogen stabilizers, seed planting depth trials, etc.


July 21, 2020 | Scott Vandehogen, Seed Manager

Wheat harvest day at the AGRIS MiField Technology Site located at Highway 40 (Communication Road) and Maynard Line, just southeast of Chatham, Ontario. Call your local AGRIS Co-op Crop Sales Specialist today and meet up at the site for a tour.

Sulphur on corn, soybean and wheat crops

August 4, 2020 | Darren Clark, Crop Sales Specialist, Muirkirk

Darren Clark is the crop sales specialist at our Muirkirk location. Darren talks about adding sulphur to your corn, soybean and wheat crops.